Mission and the Mother's Charter

"Make Mothers Matter” (MMM ) was created in 1947. MMM is an international, apolitical and non-denominational NGO. It benefits from a General Consultative Status at the United Nations. Its role is to raise the awareness of society, policy makers and public opinion about the vital role of mothers for promoting peace and on their contribution to social and economic progress.

MMM affiliates associations in more than 30 countries and represents more than 6 million mothers.

"Make Mothers Matter is an apolitical and non-denominational Association whose objects are to:
 support the action of mothers for peace and human security
 help mothers as the first educators of their children to fulfil all their responsibilities: family, professional, social and civic
 raise awareness of, to enhance the perceived image of and to obtain recognition for a mother’s mission with the general public and policy-makers, in laws and in international Conventions – a mother’s role in the family, in teaching her children, and the social and economic value of the work of a mother fight against the different forms of violence, exclusion, discrimination and exploitation affecting
mothers." (byelaws art N°3)

Hear Mother's voices and voice their concerns for a more secure and stable world


"In order to fulfil its Objects, MMM – Make Mothers Matter determines the following commitments:
 To put in place, under the official logo MMM, activities for the benefit of mothers, to diffuse and develop them and control the quality of these activities. One such priority activity is the Mothers Matter Workshops which aims to help mothers recognise the importance of their influence in shaping the values and attitudes of their children and in their communities, to facilitate an exchange of know-how and to support networks of mothers. to group together associations as set out in Art. 1 above from all cultures and countries, to
 eep them informed and facilitate between them communication to encourage the exchange of experience and know-how  to encourage the creation of MMMs at), country (or state) level and to stimulate and support
the network thus created  and to actively represent the cause of mothers to the international authorities" (byelaws ar N°4)


Mobilize and bring mothers together

Offer a network to support and inform them

Train mothers contribute in their everyday activities to developing security and social cohesion:

    • in their family life
    • as educators
    • in their professional life
    • in society

Heighten awareness and obtain recognition from public

    • mothers'positive action for peace
    • mothers'contribution to economic and social development

Encourage mothers to fight discrimination , exclusion, and violence affecting them and their children.

Represent mothers and voice their concerns.

Support their concerns-interests with international and national authorities.

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