LOGO Belgium page membreMMM Belgium


140603 AELEEn avant les Enfants (EALE)



1505 PAH logo internetParent Actif@ Home PA@H



1406 AMA

Association Chant d'oiseaux-ASBL


150414 logo pommiers


Les Trois Pommiers


1611 Memisa siteMemisa





MMM Belgium





Ensuring a positive life for children and their mothers: education, reintegration in a family, employment, social skills (EALE)


Recognition for the invisible work of mothers – awareness raising with politicians and other associations (PA@H)






Support for single mothers facing loneliness, depression, violence, homelessness (Chant d'oiseau)



Intergenerational hospitality for people in difficulty (les Trois Pommiers)






Enable everyone to access to healthcare targetting specifically poor and vulnerable people. (Memisa)




1406 LOGO FRANCE-site

MMM France




1406 omaepAssociation Nationale pour l’Éducation Prénatale 




1406 logo Teenstar



Centre Education Pluridisciplinaire





1406 Enfance sans drogue site


Enfance sans Drogue





1406 FIMB logo

Femmes Internationales Murs brisés (FIMB)




1406 TOM POUCE siteLa Maison de Tom Pouce









logomitphoto53Verband  Familienarbeit e.V.



1406 omaepOMAEP









AIMS horizontal logo web





Support mothers in their role of building family and society, raise awareness about their skills developed in the home, influence policy-makers. (MMMfrance)  



Awareness raising with future parents and politicians of the fundamental importance of prenatal life – using proven scientific and psychological information (ANEP)





Teaching all aspects of sexuality to ensure adult attitudes and responsibility (CEPP)






Association of mothers to prevent drug abuse by teaching children  how to refuse all substances which could damage their physical and mental health  (Enfance sans Drogue)





Worldwide network of volunteers to provide support, ensure peace and various voluntary activities (FIMB)




Awareness raising with future parents and politicians of the fundamental importance of prenatal life – using proven scientific and psychological information(Tom Pouce)










Ensure visibility and appreciation for ‘invisible’ work in the home and recognition for mothers’ family commitment (verband Familienarbeit)

Awareness raising with future parents and politicians
of the fundamental importance of prenatal life – using proven scientific and
psychological information (OMAEP) 







campaign for and promote informed choice and autonomy for women in all realms of maternal health. (AIMS)







1406 Donneurope logo siteDonneuropee Federcasalinghe



Ensuring recognition for a mother’s ’invisible’ work -and social protection for them (Donneurope Federcasalinghe)


1406 MPM

Mame pentru Mame




1406 AF logo siteAccion Familiar


logo afammer-intro


Association de Familias y Mujeres des Medio Rural (AFAMMER)


1502 Masfamilia


Fundacion Masfamilia



NGO supporting natural birth and mother and children rights.








Help and support for the family: migrants, recovering drug abusers, creation of a university chair of family policies (Accion familiar)




Ensuring that rural women enjoy the same services and support as those living in towns (maternity care, healthcare, employment) (AFAMMER)





Develops activities to ensure greater protection and quality of life for families with the aim of improving social cohesion 




140616 LOGO ENGLAND site




1704 Logo site

Volounteerings Matters


140616 MHM logo site

Mothers at home Matter (MhM)



16 09 maternity action logo site


Maternity Action






140623 Haro logoHaro   




Educate mothers – and future mothers - to recognise and understand the importance of their role at  social and economic level (conferences, dinners, discussion groups...) (MMM England)



Develops and delivers volunteer-led solutions in response to some of the most difficult social challenges



Supporting parents in the home by ensuring family life provides the right environment for a child to develop (MAHM)




To end inequality and improve the health and well-being of pregnant women, partners and young children – from conception through to the child’s early years.





Engaging with Swedish politicians to ensure that families have a free choice concerning the education of their children (Haro)





Mouvement Camerounais des Mères (MCM)






Association Congolaise d'Appui au Développement Communautaire


140924 EALE siteEALE (Kisany)





Fondation Boaz






140616 AJAD logo  site

ONG Aide à la Jeunesse Africaine Défavorisée (AJAD)ico-pdf


1406 ONG RepèresONG Repères






140616 MAM Logo


Mouvement d’Aide à la Maternité (MAM) 





140616 OTITSARA Logo site








Women Initiative for Peace and Good Governance






140616 Vivre heureux logo

VIvre heureux -ICYEMEZO





140616 Abantu Zambia logoAbantu-Zambia



Providing information (health, environmental and legal education) to mothers to ensure their independence

FED works for the well-being of persons in difficulty, especially the most vulnerable 





Developing agricultural projects to ensure access to education and reintegration programmes for isolated mothers and children



 training vulnerable women in the art of embrodery enabling them to take control of their life and offer a future to their children




Helping vulnerable mothers with income generating  activities and creation of a day-care centre for their children (BOAZ)





Improving the situation of very young mothers,
fatherless children and orphans (AJAD)



Promoting education of children and young people to develop commitment to their future family life  (repères) 






Promoting motherhood and respect for children. Managing the problems associated with very early pregnancy (MAM) 






Supporting women’s personal development in  the home, in the workplace, in society  (Otitsara)








Creating a platform for women to promote Peace and Good Governance for Sustainable Development 








Building resilience and promoting family harmony. Fighting discrimination and violence. Helping the vulnerable find their place in society (Vivre heureux)




Enabling village populations to become independent (education, health, agriculture, vocational training)  (Abantu Zambia) 


2017_04 MMMFrance, Ilhame Boirie elected President

Welcome to  Ilhame Boirie the newly elected President of MMM France! We thank her for dedicating her skills as a mother and a professional to MMM France and look forward to collaborating with her.

Asia and Middle-East



RRF-Logo-WebsiteRural Reconstruction Foundation (RRF)



16 09 AWAJ logo site


AWAJ Fondation








MMM Liban






Enable vulnerable people to learn about their human, economic and social rights. Literacy for women and children. Legal help for women (RRF)




Defending the rights of workers -especially women- in Bangladesh



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