MMMI in the UN : Position papers

2017_11 Empowering mothers: a key strategy to eradicate poverty and achieve sustainable development for all
2017_09 36th Session of the UN Human Rights Council : oral declaration: every mother has the right to see her child thrive
2017_06 35th Session of the UN Human Rights Council : MMM Statement highlights impacts of Maternal Mental Health on Early ChildHood Development
2017_03 34th Session of the Human Rights Council: MMM written Statement highlights specific issues for the realization of mothers' right to work (2)
2017_03 34th session of the Human Rights Council - MMM Statement for the annual day of the rights of the child stresses importance of maternal health and Early Child Care and Education for 2030 Agenda (2)
2017_02 Early Parenting and Early Childhood Care and Education to address the inter-generational dimension of Poverty
2016_11 MMM Statement for the 50th UN Commission on Population Development highlights how support for mothers could impact the population age structure
2016_10 MMM endorses IBFAN Statement on corporations' obligations and responsibilities for marketing of breastmilk substitues and unhealthy food for children
2016_10 MMM & OMAEP submit Joint Statement for Commission on Social Development on the importance of Early Child Care and Education to break the intergenerational dimension of poverty
2016_10 MMM submits joint Statement for upcoming CSW on Motherhood in the changing world of work
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