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er Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser

16-17 April 2014, Anne-Claire de liedekerke, President of Make Make Mothers, took part in Doha in the International Conference “Empowering families: a Pathway to Development” organised by the Doha International Family Institute, DIFI.

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2013_June : Make Mothers Matter conference during Annual General Meeting in Brussels


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A woman is like a tea bag; she does not know her own strength until she is dropped into hot water.( Eleanor Roosvelt)

Many MMM members and friends gathering at the Annual General Meeting last June in Brussels challenged this approach of Eleanore Roosevelt’s quote through their presentations at the conference organized by Make Mothers Matter during its Annual General Meeting

What happens when mothers take the plunge?

Madi Sharma, member of the EESC - consultant in the fields of entrepreneurship, education, corporate social responsibility, gender equality, diversity and social inclusion

Find out about their work with European instances and at the United Nations to give mothers a voice and make mothers matter. Read about their many grassroots activities to help mothers develop their strengths within and outside Europe: France, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Zambia, Columbia and other countries.

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2010 - Doha Conference

MMM attended the Doha conference on

 " Empowerment of the family in the modern world: Challenges and promises ahead"


2008 - Great Britain- Oxford/ Defence Academy

Oxford defence AcademyOxford,Defence Academy

A Secure society for the the 21st CENTURY – Why mothers matter


MMM England, working in partnership with the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and the Institute of Statecraft and Governance, organised this Study Conference to bring together representatives of MMM associations from 17 countries with the Armed Forces, other community-based organisations in the UK and various government agencies.



2008 ,France, Paris /UNESCO, September : 61° DPI UNESCO

 Break out session organized by the MMMI , supported by the French ministry for housing, at the high Level international meeting

" Mothers a powerful force for ensuring human rights and dignity and for fighting discrimination".


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