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2016_12 wishes 2017

Greetings from MMM !


2016_10 Newsletter N°10

ico pdf Newsletter N°10 October 2016

- Editorial: Marie Liesse Mandula "mothers, particularly as educators, represent a driving force able to accelerate the outcome of most of the SDGs"
- UN New York: Empowering mothers with mobile phones. Mobile phones are an asset for the SDGs
- UN Geneva: MMM takes part in the discussions on decent work in global supply chains
European Delegation: reconciliation of work and family life in Europe. MMM at the 2016 World Conference Women Deliver 2016 on maternal and child health.
Conference in Brussels: "Mothers and health : the untapped potential"
- MMM Belgium-
Exchange moments with mothers, Mothers day in Belgium, the pension reform in Belgium

Spotlight on One association: FIMB, Femmes Internationales Murs Brises, "the protection of life in all its aspects"


2016_03 MMM Activity Report for 2015


MMM Activity Report 2015 cover

MMM activity report for 2015 can be downloaded here !

The French version of this activity report can be downloaded here.


2016_02 Newsletter N°9

ico pdfNewsletter N°9 February 2016

- Editorial: Anne-Claire de Liedekerke, "if you want the world to change, mothers must be involved"
- UN New York: Mothers at the heart of the new Sustainable Development Agenda 
- UN Geneva: MMM uses the Universal Periodic Review's mechanism to promote Mothers' Rights in Lebanon
- UNESCO: 38th General Conference, MMM at COP 21
European Delegation: directive on Maternity Leave Withdrawn, presentation of the first State of the World's Fathers report
- MMM France
- MMM Belgium- Spotlight on One association:


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