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2015_01 Newsletter N°7

Newsletter N°7  January 2015

- Editorial: Anne-Claire de Liedekerke, the ways in which communities, laws, organisations and public opnion support and recognise mothers today
- UN New York: men and gender equality
- UNESCO: International Literacy Day
- UN Geneva: MMM at the NGO Forum Beijing+20 UNECE  Review
- UN Vienna: NGO Commitee on the Family
- European Delegation: European Parlement elections, The 2014 Year of reconciling Work and Family Life in Europe, conference organise by the EESC, Family -friendly Company certificate
- MMM France: defense of family policies
- new association: Fundacion Masfamilia
- Ivory Coast UNESCO-NGO Network
- New website" Enfance sans Drogue"
- Spotlight on an association: Accion familiar









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