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2013 Newsletter 5: December

newsletter N°5ico-pdfDecember 2013

- Editorial: Mobilizing for the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family (IYF+20

- UN New York: MMM, very active in the Family NGO Committee and "Family Futures" publication.
- UNESCO: 37th General Conference , MMM intervenes in the Commission for Education.
- UN Vienna MMM reports on the Committee for the Family
- European Delegation: present in many events : policy making for children, fighting unemployment and exclusion,  how can policy-making face changes in familiies.                            
- UN Geneva: HCR 24 side event on " unpaid care work, women's rights and poverty: making the connection"
- MMM France :  concern about a draft bill for equality between men and women.
Mauritius: Mouvement d'Aide à la Maternité.
- MMM association  KISANY : living in the Democratic Republic of Congo

2013 Newsletter 4: April

 newsletter N°4ico-pdfApril 2013

- Editorial: Monique de Vaublanc left us: the defence of the rights of mothers and children
- UN New York, 57CSW "fighting violence against women"
UNESCO international conference of NGOs "Culture and cultures: reconciling universality and diversity"
UN Vienna bulletin on the Committee for the Family
- European Delegation : 2014 European Year for reconciling work and Family balance?
 20th  anniversary of the International Year of the family
UN Geneva: peace education, the essential role of mothers
MMM France reacts: reform of parental leave

- an MMM association in Rwanda: "living with happiness-ICYEMEZO"

2012 newsletter 3: December

newsletter N°3ico-pdfDecember 2012

- Editorial: reconciling responsibilities in the family and the workplace.
- UN New York:
MMM France at the Commission of Social Affairs
- Un Geneva: protection of children in crisis situations
- European Delegation: new projects
- Unesco: education for all
- MMM France:
sharing know how with the MMMI network
- MMM Lebanon:
recycling initiative
Spotlight on an MMMI association:
 Enfance sans drogue

2012 Newsletter 2: May

Newsletter 2  ico-pdf: May 2012

- UN New York: During the 56th Commission on the Status of Women, ‘Rural Women and NICT’s’, an  MMMI member association, outlined the problems faced by rural womenMMMI addresses UN delegates at the 56th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
- UN Geneva: access to clean water
- European Delegation:
opposes violence against women
- UN Vienna : ‘
The multiple goals of family policies and how to best support families’
- Unesco:
New partnership
- MMM FRANCE: sharing know-how with the MMMI network
- The Rural Reconstruction Foundation fights poverty in Bangladesh

2011 - Results "Survey of Mothers in Europe"


The results of "Survey of Mothers in Europe", launched by European Delegation of MMMI  on family well-being, have been officially released on May 3, 2011.

The objective of the "Survey of Mothers in Europe" was to gather the challenges, priorities and wishes of mothers in Europe with regards to their well-being and that of their family. 

We are immensily grateful to the 11000+ mothers across Europe who have responded !  Their opinions are extremely valuable.  For full results, please consult the brochures in English, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.  Furthermore, a more in-dept document of 60 pages (Facts & Figures) is also available for download in English. 

Our goal is to relay the voice of European mothers.  Therefore, on May 3, 2011, these results of the survey have been sent to the 750+ Members of the European Parliament and a press release to 10,000+ journalists in Europe and across the world.  We sincerely hope that they will relay the important messages mothers in Europe entrusted us with.

The survey database is available in SPSS, CSV, and NVIVO format for secondary research by qualified researchers.  If interested, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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