MMM England

MMM England is the UK branch of MMM. The President is Nicola Crierie and the Treasurer is Jill Donnelly (MMM Vice-President). MMM England is run by volunteers, who believe that mothers have the greatest influence, especially in the earliest years of a child’s life.

Mothers shape in their children the values and attitudes the child takes into adolescence and adulthood, the values and attitudes, which become those of their community, of society as a whole, and which ultimately affect the way in which our country is judged by the world. There is no “job”, which has more impact on the future – but it is a demanding “job”!

In an ideal world, mother and father work together to bring up their children, but the reality for many mothers is that they alone take on the responsibility for the family, often while having a fulltime commitment in the workplace. MMM England aims to enable mothers to cope better with all their responsibilities, for the benefit of the family and society as a whole.


  • Educate mothers – and future mothers – to recognise and understand the importance of their role in shaping the values and attitudes, and the future health of their children.
  • Enable mothers to develop their skills, to realise their aspirations and to fulfill more effectively all their responsibilities: family, professional, social and civic.
  • Enable mothers to work for peace and human security – beginning in the home and in the community
  • Raise awareness of the social and economic importance and value of a mother’s role in the family, in her community and in society as a whole.


Awareness raising

Conferences, presentations and discussion groups are organised o raise awareness of the importance of a mother’s social and economic role and to encourage improvements to policies affecting families. A mother’s unpaid care work in the home – including care of children, the disabled and the elderly – is undervalued and underestimated.

On a social level, children brought up with respect for themselves and others become well-balanced adults who benefit society by preventing violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination, both in the home and in the community.

On an economic level, one way of estimating the monetary value of unpaid work in the home is as a saving in government expenditure on, for example:
– childcare, institutional care and care in later life,
– policing and prison costs incurred through delinquency, violence and criminality,
– healthcare – physical and mental – for those abused, addicted and vulnerable to exploitation.


Members of MMM England undertake research/studies leading to recommendations in response to requests from mothers (bullying in schools), MMM International and members or partner organisations (The Institute for Statecraft).

For example, MMM England conducted studies on ways of preventing violent extremism, and projects to ensure mothers have a voice in future discussions for peace in Syria, or mothers have an input into reforms in Ukraine.

Practical activities

MMM England has been working for some years with various Muslim groups (like Active Change Foundation, Lotus Life, El Khoei Foundation), which actively support young people at risk of recruitment to violent extremism or wish to offer young Muslim girls an insight into a more independent way of life. Through presentations or “adventure activities”, the aim is to enable young Muslim women – future mothers – to build their confidence and broaden their outlook with a view to preventing violent extremism in their communities.

For example, MMM England accompanied Lotus Life on an expedition in the Lake District, where the main group climbed the high path of Cat Bells, while a small group took the lower path above Derwentwater. It was a fruitful moment to exchange ideas and proved a happy end to an adventurous week in the mountains.

Lotus Life enables young women to experience activities not available to them in their communities in London, building their self-confidence, life-skills and sense of independence through a wide range of activities, such as leadership training, sport and various outdoor pursuits. Many of these young women become mothers and go on to share their outlook with their children and family members.

MMM England remains convinced that it is mothers from different cultures and backgrounds working together who can build a cohesive society founded on understanding and respect for the differences which enrich our lives.

Support to MMM at international level

Members of MMM England attend relevant conferences and actively support MMM International and its work for mothers. For example, MMM Egland helps with translating MMM international documents, members’ information etc. from the original French, and thus contributes to the MMM Members’ Network and to informing and educating mothers in English-speaking countries.



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