Mothers and Health: Working with Mothers

Maternal health is an indicator of global health. A healthy mother can take on her educational responsibilities and fully participate in economic and social life. She is also an indisputable partner in all aspects of health.

“The role of women as primary custodians of family health should be recognized and supported”
Programme of Action, International Conference on Population and Development Cairo (1994)

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Maternal health: indicator of global health

Too many mothers still die today in pregnancy. And even more remain handicapped after childbirth. The fundamental rights of mothers must be better respected.

Early Childhood Development: the essential role of mothers - and fathers

Family environment and quality of care during pregnancy and the early years have a significant impact on the physical, cognitive and emotional development of the child - and on its future.

Women’s Rights & Children’s Rights – developing synergies, minimizing tensions


MMM has contributed to a newly released book on this theme.

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MMM France presents results of first 1000 days survey – Will French mothers be heard?


To advocate for the needs and expectations of mothers in relation to the French government's forthcoming reform on the #1000premiersjours (#First1000Days), MMM France was determined to hear and consul

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Nutrition, Lifestyle... The role of the mother in addressing these public health challenges

Mothers are at the heart of the fight against obesity - From conception, and throughout childhood, they set the lifestyle of the family.

Conference Mothers and Health - Brussels, March 2016

Examples of specific actions to support mothers striving for the good health of their children, for their own health and for that of other mothers.

Recent news on Mothers and Health



Have your say by responding to the SymptomSurvey To provide a voice for patients, families, and caregivers, MMM has teamed up with two non-profit organizations, the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative and Fam

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Care and Education at the heart of a transformative recovery


UN New York, Commission on Social Development - MMM written statement to the 60th session focuses on its main priority theme: 'Inclusive and resilient recovery from COVID-19 for sustainable livelihoods, well-be

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Friendship NGO at the forefront of the fight against climate change


Our associate member in Bangladesh, Friendship NGO, responds to the call for input into an upcoming UN report on Human Rights and Climate Change.

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Migrant women’s mental health & wellbeing


Make Mothers Matter was asked to contribute to the report on Migrant women's mental health and wellbeing, initiated by the European Network of Migrant Women. The aim of this report is to signal the profound imp

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Maternal health care in the EU


This autumn, EIGE (European Institute for Gender Equality) released its Gender Equality Index Report. This year’s Index focuses on the links between health and gender equality. 

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Child-family separation must be prevented


UN Geneva, Human Rights Council – Ahead of the next session’s annual day on the rights of the child, MMM joined a group of Child Rights Connect members to develop a joint position paper on the rights of the

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