Mothers and Health: Working with Mothers

Maternal health is an indicator of global health. A healthy mother can take on her educational responsibilities and fully participate in economic and social life. She is also an indisputable partner in all aspects of health.

“The role of women as primary custodians of family health should be recognized and supported”
Programme of Action, International Conference on Population and Development Cairo (1994)

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Maternal health: indicator of global health

Too many mothers still die today in pregnancy. And even more remain handicapped after childbirth. The fundamental rights of mothers must be better respected.

Early Childhood Development: the essential role of mothers - and fathers

Family environment and quality of care during pregnancy and the early years have a significant impact on the physical, cognitive and emotional development of the child - and on its future.

Social protection to support mothers and children is not charity but investing in the future


UN Geneva - MMM answer to a consultation by the UN Special Rapporteur on poverty on social protection focuses on maternity protection and support to families, identifying gaps and addressing

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Women’s Rights & Children’s Rights – developing synergies, minimizing tensions


MMM has contributed to a newly released book on this theme.

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Nutrition, Lifestyle... The role of the mother in addressing these public health challenges

Mothers are at the heart of the fight against obesity - From conception, and throughout childhood, they set the lifestyle of the family.

Conference Mothers and Health - Brussels, March 2016

Examples of specific actions to support mothers striving for the good health of their children, for their own health and for that of other mothers.

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Mothers’ Mental Load: The Unpaid (and Unrecognized) Cognitive and Emotional Labour


MMM is delighted to publish a report written by Emma Levrau, a student in Global Health and Social Justice (Master of Science) at Kings College London on the unpaid and invisible cognitive and emotional work th

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An almost Perfect Mother – New Podcast series with Isabelle Roskam


We are delighted to be launching our new podcast series An almost Perfect Mother featuring Isabelle Roskam, professor of development and parenting psychology at the University of Louvain, Belgium. Isabelle spec

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Adaptation and systemic changes needed to put healthy food on all tables


UN New York, Commission on the Status of Women - At a co-organized event on the sidelines of CSW66 our speakers reaffirmed the negative impacts of climate change on food security, among other health issues. But

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Call for an end to systematic human rights violations against indigenous mothers


UN Geneva, Human Rights Council - Our associate member EDO Group was one of four civil society organisations given a speaking slot during the high level segment of the 49th Human Rights Council. In her message,

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Covid-19 increased poverty and anxiety among mothers


UN New York, Commission on Social Development - In its oral statement MMM spotlights the particular impact of Covid-19 on mothers, highlighting how the increase in their unpaid work, along with job losses, wido

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