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    Latest News from MMM and its Network

    The European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan: steady progress for unpaid care work


    The pandemic has shed light on the most valuable, yet invisible and undervalued work: care work. Without it, our societies would grind to a halt. It is carers all over the world who have been at the forefront o

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    Mothers are more likely to be at risk of poverty in old age


    UN Geneva - In its response to the Human Rights of Older Women consultation, MMM identifies the inequitable M-F division of unpaid family caregiving duties as a root cause of the M-F pension gap.

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    No country can get ahead without the right to education for all


    UN Geneva, HRC46 - This was the core message delivered at the UN Human Rights Council by Rahela Sidiqi, founder & Director of the Farkhunda Trust for Afghan Women's Education, an MMM associate member.

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    Single and isolated Mothers: The Journey of the Fighters


    This recent report on NCI, a new Cote d’Ivoire television channel, highlights the plight of single African mothers, who battle through life with an almost incomprehensible resilience and fortitude in the face

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    MMM reaffirms: caring for a child is work, an absolute necessity, resource and investment


    UN New York, CSW65 - In her intervention at a parallel event to the 65th UN Commission on the Status of Women organized by OMEP, MMM President Anne-Claire de Liedekerke also drew attention to the price mothers

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    EDO Group working with vulnerable mothers in La Guajira, Columbia


    MMM associate member EDO Group sets up monitoring centre for research into social fragility of mothers.

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