Early Childhood Development – and Mothers – matter for Peace


Press Release - The Executive Committee of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) has appointed MMM as member of their Advisory Board. ECPC is founded on the idea that early childhood is a critical window of opportunity for building peace at the individual, family, community and national levels.

MMM President Anne-Claire de Liedekerke accepted the invitation saying: “It is a real honour to receive this recognition and to be part of a consortium we consider so important and necessary.

The vote of confidence comes on the back of MMM’s important #Mothers4Peace Conference held in Casablanca Morocco in 2018, an event that successfully brought together academics and grassroots organisations working on the ground to build peace. Our MMM teams, already including the goals of ECPC in our advocacy work, will work closely to collaborate and recognise the role of mothers and families as change makers and agents of peace.”

In welcoming MMM’s appointment, Dr. Rima Salah, Chair of ECPC said: “We are honoured to have MMM as member of the Advisory Board. Your credible reputation and your commitment to the cause of mothers, elevating their cultural, economic and social Development role and also as agents of Peace, is an asset to the Consortium… more importantly you will help us step up our Advocacy at all levels – the international and local levels in particular…”

MMM will be represented by Anne-Claire at the Early Childhood Peace Consortium Planning Meeting in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 24th May 2019, as well as the ECD and Peace-building advocacy event the day before.

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