MMM Member Associations

In addition to “National MMM”, MMM has member associations active at the grass-roots level in about thirty countries around the world. While they exist independently, their mission aligns with the values of Make Mothers Matter – working with and for mothers around the globe.



Le champ d'oiseau ASBL

Association Chant d’Oiseau

Welcomes and supports mothers facing loneliness due to depression, violence, poverty, and homelessness


En Avant Les Enfants (EALE)
Promotes sustainable development projects for the benefit of children and mothers in Goma, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo


European Parents Association (EPA)
EPA gathers the parents associations in Europe to represent and give to parents a voice in the development of education policies and decisions at European level.


Les Trois Pommiers
Provides a comprehensive network of resources for intergenerational families experiencing difficulty


Mamas for Africa
Supports women and girls in the eastern region of the  Democratic Republic of Congo



Logo MemisaMemisa
Promotes universal health care coverage with a focus on the most deprived and vulnerable populations. Memisa has grass-root projects in Benin, Burundi, Congo-Brazzaville, India, Mauritania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Moeders voor Vrede – Mothers for Peace (in Dutch) –  Mothers for Peace in Afghanistan
Empower women to build themselves a decent life through education (literacy, vocational training…), access to health care, and support for agricultural or artisanal income-generating activities.. Mothers for Peace mainly works in Afghanistan



Logo CEPP TeenstarCentre Education Pluridisciplinaire de la Personnalité (CEPP)
Responsible sexual education for adolescents


La miason de Tom Pouce logoLa Maison de Tom Pouce
An emergency shelter that welcomes any pregnant woman experiencing difficulty and assists in her reintegration.


Union des Mamans d’Enfants Handicapés (UMEH)
A social network to support mothers of disabled children



Pro-Arbeit –
A job center which supports the integration of its beneficiaries into the labour market, with a special focus on strengthening the social and economic integration of mothers, particularly those with a migrant background


Verband Familienarbeit e.V.

Advocates the support and recognition of unpaid family care work and the commitment of mothers.


MINE Mothers centers International Network for Empowerment (MINE)
MINE is an international network of mothers centers, i.e. grassroots, self-organized communities, supporting mothers, families on a daily basis



DonnEuropee Federcasalinghe LogoDonnEuropee FederCasalinghe
Advocacy for the recognition of family care work, which remains invisible, and for social protection for every mother.


Empowers migrant women – most of whom mothers, for a successful integration fostering social cohesion and peaceful existence in plural societies



Irish Maternity Support Network
Provides information and support to all accessing and involved with the Irish Maternity Services.




Migrant Women Malta –
Promotes and supports the personal empowerment of migrant, refugees and asylum-seeking women, including many mothers, through the learning of new skills and knowledge that raises their awareness and confidence in their abilities



Mulheres a Obra (Women at work)
A network of working women, mostly mother entrepreneurs, who shares informations, ideas, and good practices to best reconcile work and family lives



Mame pentru Mame
Advocates better support for perinatal health and the respect of the rights and dignity of mothers and children around childbirth



Accion Familiar
Helps and supports the family – especially migrants and former drug addicts. Has created a university chair on family policies.


AFAMMER LogoAssociation de Familias y Mujeres des Medio Rural (AFAMMER)
Advocacy to allow women living in rural areas to enjoy the same services and infrastructures that women in the city have access to (maternity care, transportation, job opportunities, etc.)


Fundacion Masfamilia
Acts in favor of the family to ensure better protection, quality of life and social cohesion


Promotes the overall well-being of mothers beyond maternal health during pregnancy and the postpartum period to better support early childhood development


Fundacion Isadora Duncan
Support and advocacy for single-parent families who are often in a vulnerable situation so that they can become economically and emotionally independent




Advocates with Swedish politicians for the freedom of choice for families regarding the education of their children



United Kingdom

Maternity Action
Works to reduce inequities and improve maternal health and the well-being of pregnant women, spouses and young children, especially during the period of conception to the child’s early years


Mothers at Home Matter (MAHM)
Advocates recognition and support for the work of mothers at home, family life and a favourable environment for children’s lives. Also to promote a better understanding of children’s developmental and attachment needs


Volunteering MattersVolunteering Matters
Develops volunteer-based solutions in response to the heaviest social challenges




Burkina Faso

Communauté des Augustines
Programmes to empower vulnerable and displaced mothers, mainly widows and single mothers, to provide for themselves and their families: literacy, vocational training, schooling for girls, preventive health action



Femmes et Enfants en Détresse (FED)
Promotes the well-being of women and children in difficulty, especially the most vulnerable, such as teenage mothers, by giving them access to education and training as well as health services


Promoting  breastfeeding and good nutrition to combat malnutrition and infant mortality in Cameroon


Central African Republic

FIMER Fedapca
Promote the well-being of teenage mothers by improving their social, economic, cultural and conditions as well we their sexual and reproductive health


Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Promotes the human rights of women, especially civic and political rights. Fights against sexual and gender-based violence, and encourages the civic and political participation of women and girls, promoting peace and democracy in the DRC


Association Congolaise d’Appui au Développement Communautaire (ACADEC)
Development of agricultural projects enabling single mothers and children to benefit from education and reintegration programs


Mothers & Midwives Support
To accompany midwives in fragile areas.


Cote d’Ivoire

Aide à la Jeunesse Africaine Défavorisée (AJAD)
Improves the status of teenage mothers and their fatherless children, as well as orphans



Accompanies women in their personal development as wife, mother, educator, professional, and citizen



Mouvement d’Aide à la Maternité (MAM)
Promotes motherhood and respect for children. Addresses issues related to early pregnancy



Women Initiative for Peace and Good Governance (WIPGG)
Works for peace and better conflict management, as well as better governance. Defends the rights of women and children



Living with Happiness – VIvre heureux – ICYEMEZO
Strengthens resilience and promotes family harmony. Fights against discrimination and violence. Helps vulnerable people find their place in society


South Africa

Mothers2Mothers (m2m)
Ensures one of Africa’s greatest strengths—its women—are at the heart of its work to end AIDS, bring health and hope to families and communities, and create a thriving, healthy Africa



Logo Rozaria Memorial Trust - RMT

Rozaria Memorial Trust
Promotes the empowerment and rights of girls and women. Create opportunities and unleash the potential for young people especially girls and young women in resource-poor communities, through health, education, and entrepreneurship




Mothers Matter Centre
Empowers isolated at-risk mothers by helping them develop the knowledge and capacity they need to take control of their lives and become confident parents and engaged citizens


Edo Group
Addresses the main socio-economic needs of Afro-Colombian and Wayuu mothers and their families in vulnerable situations in the Guajira Region



Centro de Promoción por la Dignidad Humana
Assists and defends the poorest and most vulnerable, especially women and children in situations of domestic violence




Rahela Trust for Afghan Women’s Education (formerly Farkhunda Trust)
Provides scholarships and mentorship to women from disadvantaged backgrounds to enable them to pursue higher education and, ultimately, to contribute to shaping a progressive Afghan society

Moeders voor Vrede – Mothers for Peace
Empower women to build themselves a decent life through education (literacy, vocational training…), access to health care, and support for agricultural or artisanal income-generating activities.. Legally based in Belgium, Mothers for Peace mainly works in Afghanistan



AWAJ Fondation
Defends the rights of workers of the readymade garments industry, especially women, in Bangladesh


Works together with vulnerable people in remote and unaddressed communities in Bangladesh to help them transform their lives


Rural Reconstruction Foundation logoRural Reconstruction Foundation
Educating disadvantaged people about their human, economic and social rights. Provides literacy education for women and children and legal aid for women




Child Nepal
Empowers young mothers and make them aware about their rights and responsibilities in relation to child rights; promotes the inclusion of maternity in gender equality, the improvement of maternal and child health and the role of mother in early childhood development



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