National MMM

MMM National Associations have the same mission as Make Mothers Matter but they act at national and local levels, doing both advocacy work and activities with mothers.

The aims of MMM National Associations:

  • Federate local associations with a similar mission to MMM
  • Implement grass-roots activities to benefit mothers, in particular, the MMM Mothers’ Workshops using the original technique developed by MMM France
  • Actively present the concerns of mothers to national and regional authorities (advocacy).

MMM Belgium

MMM Belgium develops field actions with mothers and participates in national debates that relevant to them.

MMM England

MMM England seeks to create bridges between mothers of different cultures, working in particular with disadvantaged groups of women of Muslim tradition.

MMM France

Very active in advocacy on reforms concerning families and mothers, MMM France has also developed a technique to animate mothers workshops, which is used in other events.

MMM Lebanon

MMM Lebanon brings together members of associations active in Lebanon to improve the lives mothers and children and to change the legislation towards gender equality.

MMM Mali

MMM Mali works for the empowerment of mothers and the promotion of their human rights, through training, awareness raising, counseling, and assistance.

Recent News from the "National MMM"