Mothers at the forefront of achieving the SDGs


18-19 September 2023 sees the convening of the SDG Summit taking place at the UN Headquarters in New York. Here at MMM, we believe it is time to re-commit and put mothers at the centre of our efforts to realize the SDGs.

With the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the midway point, it is an important moment to take stock. The Agenda, though a promise and not a guarantee, is at this point, according to the UN, in deep trouble, impacted by multiple global crises: climate disasters, economic downturns, armed conflicts and the residual effects of Covid-19.

Directly affected by the 2030 Agenda and most of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mothers also have the potential to be essential partners for their implementation. They are agents for change in creating a better world for their children and families and the wider community.

If adequately recognized, educated and supported, mothers can be a powerful force for good as changemakers – and positively contribute to many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our members speak to the SDG summit

We invited some of our members working on the ground for and with mothers, to speak directly to the Summit, on the issues that most concern them.

Here is a selection of their comments both recorded on video and submitted in writing. It is our hope that their grass roots work will bring them the attention that could lead to the systemic change so necessary for realizing the 2030 goals.


A society that forgets the most fragile, the unborn child/pregnant woman, cannot make progress towards social justice objectives” – Marie-Nöelle Couderc, La Maison de Tom Pouce, France

We need an inclusive economy that welcomes all types of companies & businesses and recognizes independent workers and small businesses run by women” – Camila Rodrigues, Mulheres a Obra, Portugal – Video message


Development works when everyone participates” – Claire Thibaut, Mothers and Midwives Support, RDC – Video message

More investment is needed in the social empowerment of families, particularly in Africa” – Jean Bolly, AJAD, Côte d’Ivoire – Video message

In Burkina Faso, when all women have a job, living conditions will change to help realise the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals” – Sœur Marie Louise Sawadogo, Association des Augustines du Saint Esprit de Kaya au Burkina Fasso

In Morocco, it is important to work on all women’s rights in general, including those of single-parent families” –  Mahjouba Edbouche, Ahddane, Morocco


In Nepal, access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities will unlock the doors to progress and prosperity, empowering future generations to become leaders and innovators” – Mohan Dangal, Child Nepal – Video message

Cheap labor is unrespectful, creates hunger and impacts future generation of workers physically and mentally” – Nazma Akter , AWAJ Foundation, Bangladesh – Video message


On the topic of mothers and SDGs, see also:

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