Single and isolated Mothers: The Journey of the Fighters


This recent report on NCI, a new Cote d’Ivoire television channel, highlights the plight of single African mothers, who battle through life with an almost incomprehensible resilience and fortitude in the face of no legal protection and absentee fathers. There are no statistics available to give a clear picture of the extent of the problem but there are many such forgotten yet courageous women, not just in Cote d’Ivoire but right across the African continent

This moving news story follows three single Ivorian mothers, Meliane, Anna-Renée and Vanessa, recording their individual economic, social and familial challenges. What they have in common is motherhood – and the overriding need to care for their children – sacrificing any personal and individual satisfaction.

The report rightfully calls these women ‘the fighters’ because what they manage to achieve despite the odds is nothing short of heroic.

Our associate member AJAD MMM for years has concentrated on improving the status of teenage mothers and their fatherless children, as well as the protection of orphans in Cote d’Ivoire.

This NGO has set up a multi-skill learning centre for isolated mothers, with funds from NEW LIFE/KING BAUDOUIN in Belgium, and provides follow-up support to achieve real empowerment. The mothers find solace and comfort there. AJAD MMM also provides additional “mother-to-mother” support through the “AJAD families” who welcome some of these young mothers, and also occasional fathers, who agree to act as a father figure to the children. Fostering a father-child relationship provides a safer and more secure environment for their education.

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