Parents key allies in the fight against child cyberbullying


UN Geneva, Human Rights Council - One in three children are affected by cyberbullying, a scourge that negatively affects their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, their health, their education, and that threatens their future or even their lives. It is in this context that a Panel brought together different stakeholders to discuss possible actions. In our intervention, we stressed the need for parental involvement in the fight against this growing phenomena, in particular for prevention.

The following is the full text of our Statement. 

Make Mothers Matter welcomes this timely discussion on cyberbullying against children.

We would like to stress the need to involve parents in the fight against Cyberbullying.

As children’s primary educators and caregivers, parents – in particular mothers – are best placed to detect early warning signs, like an unwillingness to talk, or behavioural disorders such as loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, headaches, etc.

Parents will also be at the forefront in dealing with cyberbullying should it occur.

But most importantly, parents are the best allies when it comes to prevention, provided that they are themselves aware of the risks, and able to take appropriate measures together with their children.

We are therefore calling on Member States:

  1. To recognize parents as key stakeholders in the prevention and fight against cyberbullying
  2. To educate parents together with children on what cyberbullying is, its dangers and its symptoms, and
  3. To equip parents with the knowledge and tools for the prevention and protection of their children, and for dealing with cyberbullying when it happens

More generally, it is time that parents are considered as key stakeholders in the realisation of child rights, and that they are educated, informed and supported as such, instead of being ignored.

MMM Statement for download

The statement was delivered during the Panel discussion on cyberbullying against children, which took place on 27 September 2023 during the 54th Session of the Human Rights Council.


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