Reconciliation of work and family life in the European Union

MMM supports

  • More flexibility in working arrangements in order to allow parents to have more time with their children. Choices left to families regarding the modalities
  • Paternity leave of 10 days paid at least at sick day level or 80% of salary
  • Paid parental leave (4 months for each parent) –  part of it (1 or 2 months) being transferable until the 12 years of the child
  • The right to request flexible working arrangements for every parent or carer – usable beyond a child 12th birthday
  • 5 days carers’ leave per year, paid at least at sick day level
  • The time dedicated to care work counted in the calculation of retirement pensions (“care credit”)
  • The introduction of a non-regression clause to prevent some countries from reducing the existing level of social protection



To advance its requests MMM works with an informal alliance of NGOs involved in family affairs, women an child rights to that includes COFACE, the European Women’s Lobby, the Age Platform.

Recent news from the European Delegation on the Reconciliation of work and family life

MMM speaker at an event in the European Parliament on work-life balance


The Secretary General of the EU Delegation of MMM has been speaking at an Round Table called “A business commitment for a better Work-Life Balance” on 22 March 2018 hosted by Maria Arena MEP and Agnes Jon

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